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Costa Rica Monte Crisol West Valley

Image of Costa Rica Monte Crisol West Valley


Tasting Notes: Bright with a rich, sweet flavor. Good floral notes with a buttery, caramel finish.

Produced in the West Valley region of Costa Rica, the Monte
Crisol brand has been developed exclusively for Royal Coffee
by CoopePalmares, R.L. A blend of shade-grown Caturra and
Catuai varieties grown around 1300 meters, Monte Crisol is
harvested between November and February, with the flowering
taking place in March. The average rainfall is 1800mm per year
and the temperature is approximately 23 degrees Celsius.
CoopePalmares is a fully functioning cooperative with around
1350 members, all receiving full benefits. This includes medical
services to all associates and their families, financial services for
the growers, and economical contribution through Madre Verde
Foundation. The Coop is also committed to the environment.
They have implemented forest protection programs, they are
certified ISO 9001/14001, they minimize water consumption
and process optimization during milling. Solid wastes are
transformed into organic fertilizers.

Roast profile: Medium
Size: 12 oz.