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Firsthand Nicaraguan Coffee

Image of Firsthand Nicaraguan Coffee


Tasting notes: This coffee from the COOMPROCOM coop has a medium acidity and a solid body. It's accented by notes of dark chocolate with a subtle earthiness and a sharp finish.

Roast Profile: Medium-Dark

We are excited to offer this excellent Nicaraguan coffee in partnership with WVU FairTrade 2.0 and The Working World.

About WVU FairTrade 2.0: The objective of WVU Fair Trade 2.0 is to work in solidarity with farming and working communities to diversify sources of income and improve access to nutritious food. You can find out more about WVU FairTrade 2.0, and the particular project sales from this coffee supports, by visiting them at

About The Working World: Instead of making passive loans to individuals, The Working World builds productive projects together with small businesses and cooperative enterprises. Think of them as venture capitalists with a social mission -- they invest in good ideas and share the risk, accompanying projects to fruition and businesses to sustainability.

About COOMPROCOM: COOMPROCOM was founded in 2003 and is located in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. 90% of the coffee produced in Nicaragua comes from Jinotega and Matagalpa. This is due to the fact that 75% of the rural poor live in these regions. 115 families sell their café through COOMPROCOM in a transparent and sustainable manner. The coop was certified by FLO in the same year it was founded. Their commitment to the environment is shown through their dedication to organic farming (100% organic) and the diversity of plants that are cultivated. The funds required to make these types of investments is provided in large part from the income generated by the Fair Trade premium.

Roast Profile: Light +
Size: 12 oz.