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Royal Select Water-Processed Decaf Peru

Image of Royal Select Water-Processed Decaf Peru


Fair Trade and OCIA certified organic. Produced by Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florida, a large coop in the Chanchamayo Valley, the major coffee growing region of Peru. Grown between 4000 and 5200 feet, this coffee is wet processed and fully sun dried before undergoing the Royal Water decaffeinating process.

Unlike chemically processed decaf coffee, this coffee is decaffeinated using a totally organic method of water, steam, and extractors which removes 99.99% of caffeine.

Coffee from La Florida is produced by 1,200 local producers of the Coop, with plantations situated in the Chanchamayo Valleys of Yurinaki, Ubiriki, Perene and in the central upper Peruvian jungle. Established in 1965 by 100 impoverished coffee growers hoping to combine and market their coffee at better price…several years later the cooperative is 1900 farmers strong.

Wet process, patio drying. Shade grown. Solid body, very balanced flavor with a bit of a sharp finish.